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Forecasting for the Extremes in Weather

With the increased variability and intensity in weather patterns we now face, businesses across industries are grappling with the impacts of unpredictable conditions. In this volatile atmosphere, traditional forecasting methods fall short, unable to provide the level of accuracy and foresight necessary for effective decision-making. Weekly subseasonal to seasonal forecast updates and limited resolution leave organizations vulnerable to costly disruptions and missed opportunities.

Climavision rises to meet this pressing need with a revolutionary approach to weather forecasting. Our Horizon AI Subseasonal to Seasonal model, trained on vast amounts of historical data, offers forecasts that are 30% more accurate globally and 100% more accurate for specific locations versus the ECMWF. Beyond accuracy, our AI driven subseasonal and seasonal weather forecast stands out for its resolution at the point and node levels, delivering granular insights tailored to specific locations and industries. It is also updated daily – providing organizations with a real-time pulse on evolving weather conditions. From probabilistic forecasts to power production insights, our solution equips organizations with the tools they need to navigate the complexities of a changing climate with confidence.

92 %

of utility executives anticipate a surge in weather-related challenges over the next decade

Renewable energy capacity added to energy systems around the world grew by
50 %

in 2023


Billion-Dollar Disasters

disasters occurred in 2023 setting new record

PRODUCT Features

  • Decades of back testing data, training on millions of observations, and informed on 500 different ensembles
  • A suite of validation metrics, validation from back testing available in the API
  • Integrates millions of observational data points, including ERA5, and proprietary climate simulations.
  • AI driven forecasts utilizing advanced interpretable neural networks developed entirely in-house
  • Comprehensive API Access for detailed forecasting data, validation metrics, and easy integration into user systems.

PRODUCT Benefits

  • Build customized forecasts to your specific use case
  • 30% more accurate globally and 100% more accurate for specific locations versus the ECMWF
  • Power production forecasts to asset and or node level resolution
  • Forecasts optimized for the location of each utility-scale wind and solar farm on the planet
  • Explainable outputs based on easily interpretable neural networks includes over 50,000 energy assets across six continents
A blueprint

Horizon AI S2S Product Specifications

  • Domain: Global
  • Resolution: Gridded 25km and Point-based downscaling, hourly temporal resolution out to 2 years
  • Variables: Temperature, Wind Speed and Direction up to 120 meters AGL, Precipitation, Solar Irradiance, Power Production
  • Timescale Range: 2 weeks – 2 years
  • Frequency: Updated Daily
  • Access: API or visual map
  • Output: Probabilistic output, giving probability density function distribution for any of the above weather variables


Climavision ensures forecasts are not only accurate but also understandable, aiding in better decision-making and giving you an edge over your competition.

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How does better subseasonal to seasonal forecasting benefit you?

Extreme weather events impact a wide range of business operations across a number of industries. Decision makers need reliable forecasts customized to their specific use case with easily explainable results. Stop wasting time and money on standard weather forecasts that don’t fit your specific needs. The Horizon AI Subseasonal to Seasonal high-resolution weather model’s superior accuracy can help your organization with:

  • Optimizing operations and resource allocation
  • Better anticipating and mitigating weather-related risks
  • Reducing weather-related downtime
  • Optimizing energy consumption
  • Maintaining a competitive edge

Climavision’s Horizon AI S2S Predictive Solution

Every weather provider claims to be the most accurate. Yet everyone is approaching forecasting the same way and producing the same standard forecasts. Horizon AI Subseasonal to Seasonal weather model and forecasting solution uses a revolutionary approach that produces verifiably more accurate results tailored to your exact use case.

  • Comprehensive Data Integration
  • Forecasts are updated daily
  • Model accuracy is verified with millions of observations daily
  • Explainable outputs
  • Extremely customizable



Accurate weather forecasting plays a crucial role in virtually every industry and community. Conversely, inaccurate forecasting can lead to significant consequences such as economic losses, safety hazards, and disruptions in daily life. Accurate weather forecasting depends on weather forecast models. Explore the different types of weather forecast models, understand why forecasts can vary, and discover the most accurate forecast models available today.

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Enhanced Efficiency

By leveraging probabilistic forecasts and high-resolution insights, organizations can better anticipate and mitigate weather-related risks, improving overall efficiency and minimizing disruptions.

Competitive Advantage

Access to advanced forecasting capabilities provides organizations with a competitive edge, allowing them to stay ahead of the curve, adapt quickly to changing conditions, and capitalize on opportunities.




Our extensive weather data and revolutionary, AI-driven climate technologies identify real-time dangers and produce more accurate predictions and forecasting models.

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Radar Network

First of its kind, supplemental nationwide, high-resolution, dual polarity radar network

Advanced Modeling

Advanced global numeric weather prediction modelling with unprecedented computational capabilities

Observational Datasets

More unique and novel observational datasets assimilated via AI for faster, more accurate forecasts

Technical Expertise

Unparalleled technical expertise across infrastructure, machine learning, cloud and supercomputing

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