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Our atmosphere is changing, holding in more moisture and becoming more unpredictable. These changes have led to changing norms in weather where the unexpected is to be expected. The significant gaps in current forecasting methods require new thinking and new approaches.

At Climavision we’ve tackled this challenge head on. Our Horizon AI Global Model is powered by both government and exclusive observational datasets and an innovative modeling approach. AI fuels our entire forecasting process from data assimilation to delivering high resolution data via customizable API integrations. By harnessing these advanced capabilities, we precisely anticipate the development of rapid atmospheric shifts and significant storm systems, ensuring both accuracy and speed in our weather predictions.

$92 Billion

in damages were caused by

28 weather events in 2023

3 %

of the global weather observations collected are used in other forecasting systems

$4 Trillion

in assets are at risk in the U.S. due to weather

PRODUCT Features

  • Targeted AI techniques combined with advanced Numerical Weather Prediction
  • Innovative Data Assimilation of high resolution observational datasets
  • AI driven quality control
  • Advanced High-Altitude Forecasting
  • Satellite Data Integration

PRODUCT Benefits

  • More accurate and precise forecasts
  • More reliably predict tropical system tracks and intensity
  • Refined prediction of wind speed and direction especially into higher levels of the atmosphere
  • High resolution insights
  • Data available via API and map UI
A blueprint

Horizon AI Global Product Specifications

  • Cycles per day: 8 times per day (00, 03, 06, 09, 12, 15, 18 and 21 UTC)
  • Forecast range: Out to 360 hours (15 days)
  • Forecast Increments: Hourly to 120hrs and then every 3hrs to 360hrs
  • Horizontal resolution: 8.5 km at the equator and 7.5 km at mid-latitudes
  • Vertical levels: 127 levels
  • Delivery: Interactive visual map (via DASH) and API (GRIB2)
  • Output: 100+ forecast parameters

What does better Global Weather Forecasting Mean for you?

We all know the weather has severe impacts and better insights are needed. Mitigate risks and make informed decisions with forecasts you can trust. The Horizon AI Global model can benefit your organization through:

  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Enhanced safety measures
  • Confident risk management
  • Better emergency preparedness
  • More customer satisfaction
  • Substantial cost reductions

Climavision’s Global predictive solution

With lives on the line and millions of dollars at stake, you can rely on just any global weather forecast. Horizon AI Global model and forecasting solution stands out from the rest:

  • Fueled by 1.5 billion global observational datasets captured daily
  • Rapidly assimilates new and novel third-party datasets
  • New approach to Numerical Weather Prediction that utilizes more advanced mathematical equations that AI alone cannot replicate
  • Powered by in-house and cloud-based super-computing capabilities


Climavision Horizon AI Models Accurately Call For TRIPLE DIGIT ERCOT HEAT FOR THE SECOND YEAR IN A ROW

Weather dependent renewable energy resources like solar and wind energy play a significant role in keeping the market participants comfortably online and AC units pumping out cool air. Click below to read how ERCOT hit record power demand as temperatures soared into the triple digits for much of the Lonestar state in June of 2023 and how Climavision’s Horizon AI Global and/or Point forecasting solutions are imperative to running an efficient operation that meet customers’ growing energy demands. to their forecasting tools.

Read the Case Study


WIth Climavision, Government and business organizations can make better informed decisions that save lives, protect critical infrastructure, and improve financial outcomes.


Cost Savings

By leveraging advanced AI technology to assimilate vast amounts of observation data and improve forecast accuracy, Climavision’s Horizon AI Global Weather Model forecast helps organizations reduce costs associated with weather-related disruptions. This includes avoiding production downtime, minimizing damage to infrastructure and property, optimizing resource allocation, and lowering insurance premiums through better risk assessment.

Enhanced Risk Management

Our Horizon AI Global Model enables organizations to better anticipate and mitigate risks associated with extreme weather events by providing highly accurate and high-resolution forecasts. This includes natural disasters such as hurricanes, storms, floods, and heatwaves, as well as other weather-related hazards that can impact communities and businesses globally. With these high-resolution weather insights, organizations can proactively plan and implement measures to protect assets, ensure employee safety, and minimize disruptions to operations in the face of adverse weather conditions.




Our extensive weather data and revolutionary, AI-driven climate technologies identify real-time dangers and produce more accurate predictions and forecasting models.

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Radar Network

First of its kind, supplemental nationwide, high-resolution, dual polarity radar network

Advanced Modeling

Advanced global numeric weather prediction modelling with unprecedented computational capabilities

Observational Datasets

More unique and novel observational datasets assimilated via AI for faster, more accurate forecasts

Technical Expertise

Unparalleled technical expertise across infrastructure, machine learning, cloud and supercomputing

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