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AI Weather Forecasting is Vital for Businesses
and Government Agencies

With millions of dollars and people at risk from the impacts of extreme weather, we know that commodity weather data isn’t enough. From the start of the weather forecasting process, we’ve improved every stage – consistently enhancing our forecasting precision and accuracy. We incorporated AI throughout each step to realize the full benefits of high-integrity data and produce the customizable weather forecasting data our partners need.




AI isn’t just a trending term – we are leveraging the power of Generative AI to give clients exactly what they need: any weather parameter, for any use case, at any time.


We see more – in weather observations and the number of weather forecasting simulations we compute. Our HPC computational power means speed and accuracy never seen before.


Our customizable API enables easy integration into both standard and in-house weather intelligence platforms so you can access weather insights the way that best suits you.

satellite view of hurricane on earth


Global Vision, Local Clarity

We’ve developed a suite of AI powered weather forecasts to suit your every need. From high resolution short-term forecasts to probabilistic longer term global outlooks, Climavision can arm your organization with the most accurate weather information you need to protect assets and save lives. We source unique, high resolution observational datasets that are assimilated into our models to produce better forecasts. Our AI and computational capabilities enable us to tailor these forecasts to precisely match your unique use cases.



Our Horizon AI Global weather model generates highly accurate, high-resolution forecasts to mitigate risks to businesses and communities around the world. We combine the latest in AI technology to assimilate billions of novel observational datapoints into our advanced NWP model, to more accurately forecast atmospheric threats on the horizon with precision and speed.

Don’t wait for disaster to strike. Gain the weather intelligence you need to thrive.

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Our Horizon AI Subseasonal and Seasonal weather models offer granular accuracy you can rely on. Powered by our innovative AI approach and trained on vast amounts of historical data, our S2S models boast superior accuracy and are updated daily. This means you get real-time insights into evolving weather conditions, giving you the competitive edge you need.

Experience the power of AI-driven forecasting and stay ahead of the weather like never before.

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Our HORIZON AI Point forecasting model is the most technologically advanced site-specific weather forecasting system available today. Other ensemble systems only rely on government models. Powered by proprietary data inputs and AI bias correction, the Horizon AI Point model creates highly accurate weather forecasts around the globe.

Checkout our Point forecasting and unlock the power of precision weather.

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Our Horizon AI HIRES weather model produces hyper-local and asset-level predictions for customized insights specifically tailored to optimize operations and your bottom line. We leverage the latest in AI techniques to maintain quality control and increase computational power, so you don’t have to choose between accuracy and speed.

Stop settling for generic weather forecasts and get the weather intelligence you need to succeed.

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Transform your decision making with
advanced weather Data

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We fill the observation gaps in existing radar coverage with our advanced high-resolution weather radar systems. The Climavision network is a first of its kind, supplemental radar network that provides access to real-time streaming radar data to deliver more complete coverage at the critical lower levels of the atmosphere. We also combine our radar network with the NWS radar network to deliver a more complete coverage of Quantitative Precipitation Estimation (QPE) products. QPE can benefit energy infrastructure relating to hydro and emergency management services. We offer access to this our radar and radar-derived data as a next level subscription service .

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At Climavision, we’ve assembled a team of industry trailblazers who refuse to settle for the status quo. We’ve redefined weather forecasting by pioneering a novel modeling approach, curating cutting-edge datasets and embracing the future of AI and machine learning, all in pursuit of delivering unparalleled accuracy in record time. From the outset, Climavision operates on a different wavelength. Unlike traditional methods that rely solely on government weather models, we’ve forged a path of innovation by tapping into a diverse array of global and proprietary datasets. These exclusive sources serve as the bedrock for our forecasts .

But it’s not just about gathering more data; it’s about harnessing it effectively. Through our meticulous data processing and rigorous quality control measures, we elevate the usable observational data to over 20%, a stark contrast to the mere 3% provided by government sources.

Yet, we don’t stop there. We push the boundaries of forecasting by crafting our own advanced Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) Models, meticulously calibrated to account for the evolving landscape of extreme weather patterns in our changing atmosphere.

And at the heart of our innovation lies AI. By seamlessly integrating artificial intelligence into our workflow, we supercharge our computational power, enabling us to digest complex data from diverse sources with lightning speed. The result? A suite of forecasts covering all timescales including probabilistic ensemble forecasts tailored to meet the unique needs of government agencies and business organizations alike .


Climavision: Your Trusted Partner in Weather Intelligence

At Climavision, we don’t just predict the weather; we redefine what’s possible in weather forecasting, delivering faster, more accurate, and fully customized forecasts that empower our clients to navigate any weather event with confidence.

  • Make data-driven decisions with confidence.
  • Protect your assets and workforce from weather disruptions.
  • Optimize operations for maximum efficiency.

Ready to unlock the power of next-generation weather forecasting?

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