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As the intensity and frequency of extreme weather events increases, the number of billion-dollar disasters grows annually, and the economic impact is crippling. Time is of the essence. Our best defense against changing weather patterns is increased forecasting speed and a better view of the action on the ground – a significant challenge in traditional weather observation.

At Climavision we are revolutionizing the weather forecasting process from beginning to end. We not only ingest novel observational datasets; we also can assimilate way more data than other forecast providers. We dynamically downscale using WRF and within WRF have advanced physics schemes developed by our team. These physics schemes combined with HPC enables our Horizon AI HIRES model to provide highly customizable, detailed surface information that global models can miss. We leverage the latest in AI techniques to increase computational power, so you don’t have to choose between accuracy and speed .

Weather events were responsible for
74 %

of all economic losses reported in the last 50 years

Extreme weather events since 2017 have caused more than
$1 Trillion

in total damage costs

Reporting shows that
65 %

of businesses mentioned weather as impacting business results

PRODUCT Features

  • Highly customizable
  • Improved data assimilation
  • Higher horizontal grid spacing down to 1kmX1km
  • More vertical levels
  • Optimized physics parameterizations for different regions
  • More detailed surface information
  • High Resolution observational datasets

PRODUCT Benefits

  • Build customized forecasts to your specific use case
  • Forecast better in areas of complex terrain
  • Plan around major weather events to minimize damage
  • Predict impact of near-term weather patterns on operations
  • Use forecasts to predict markets more accurately
  • Build better weather prediction-enhanced product offerings
  • Use more precise forecasts to prepare and dispatch repair teams
A blueprint

Horizon AI HIRES Product Specifications

  • Domain: Regional
  • Resolution: 1kmX1km
  • Levels: 51
  • Range: Up to 5 days out, temporal resolution down to a few minutes
  • Frequency: Fresh forecast every hour out to 5 days, 5-10-15 minute increments
  • Base Model: WRF initialization with HRRR in USA, GFS-Globally
  • Output: 50+ forecast parameters

How does better, high resolution forecasting
benefit you?

It’s clear that weather is a significant threat to businesses and communities. Now more than ever we need forecasting to be more accurate. Stop settling for generic weather forecasts and gain the weather intelligence you need to succeed. The accuracy of the Horizon AI HIRES model can help your organization with:

  • Faster, more precise decision-making
  • Optimized outdoor operations
  • Reduced costs from inaccurate forecasts
  • Increased competitive advantage
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Protecting employees and assets


Climavision’s Horizon AI HIRES
Predictive solution

When considering how to integrate better weather insights into their operations, many organizations list accuracy as one of their top concerns. But everyone is using and using the same commodity observational data from the government and the same approach to weather forecasting. Climavision’s Horizon AI HIRES weather model and forecasting solution simply out performs from start to finish.

  • Better resolve topography and land surface characteristics, therefore, better simulate terrain-induced weather/climate
  • Improve accuracy of moist convection through convection-permitting physics parameterizations
  • Resolve most meso-gamma (2-20km) scale weather systems and better simulate micro-weather
  • Powered by in- house and cloud based super computer for faster and more efficient forecasts



Accurate weather forecasting plays a crucial role in virtually every industry and community. Conversely, inaccurate forecasting can lead to significant consequences such as economic losses, safety hazards, and disruptions in daily life. Accurate weather forecasting depends on weather forecast models. Explore the different types of weather forecast models, understand why forecasts can vary, and discover the most accurate forecast models available today.

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What sets us apart is our flexibility to tailor these forecasts to precisely match your unique requirements and elevate your specific strategy.


Operational Optimization

With access to Horizon AI HIRES model’s customized insights, organizations can optimize their operations in accordance with upcoming weather conditions. This could involve adjusting staffing levels, scheduling maintenance activities, optimizing supply chain logistics, or implementing targeted marketing campaigns, among other possibilities.

Cost Reduction

By leveraging AI techniques to maintain quality control and increase computational power, the Horizon AI HIRES Model’s forecasts help organizations minimize costs associated with inaccurate forecasts or slow decision-making processes. This can lead to savings in terms of resource allocation, energy consumption, inventory management, and more.




Our extensive weather data and revolutionary, AI-driven climate technologies identify real-time dangers and produce more accurate predictions and forecasting models.

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Radar Network

First of its kind, supplemental nationwide, high-resolution, dual polarity radar network

Advanced Modeling

Advanced global numeric weather prediction modelling with unprecedented computational capabilities

Observational Datasets

More unique and novel observational datasets assimilated via AI for faster, more accurate forecasts

Technical Expertise

Unparalleled technical expertise across infrastructure, machine learning, cloud and supercomputing

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