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As weather patterns become increasingly volatile, we can’t rely on generic weather forecasting that only uses commodity data and government models. Today calls for a methodology that offers a better understanding of specific locations and potential impacts of a dynamic atmosphere.

Our Point forecast is unlike any other on the market today. Like other ensemble systems, we started with forecast models such as GFS, NAM, HRRR, and ECMWF. But what makes the Horizon AI Point forecast unique is that we’re also adding the Horizon AI Global and HIRES models to the ensemble. The model utilizes advanced machines learning techniques to correct model biases and continuously learns over time. Additionally, Horizon AI Point has global coverage with the ability to add any necessary point for any government or business use case with hourly updates. The result of this unique combination of forecast data and AI will be the industry’s most accurate Point Forecasting System.

Some home insurance premiums have jumped as much as
23 %

from 2023 to 2024

The United States has seen a
67 %

increase in major power outages from weather-related events since 2000

The average yearly storm damage cost since 2017 is
3 x

higher than the previous 42-year period

PRODUCT Features

  • Automated point weather forecasting system
  • Provides timely, tuned, forecasts anywhere in the world
  • Designed to emulate but outperform the human forecast process
  • Uses state-of-the-art scientific and engineering principles
  • AI driven data assimilation and quality control
  • Custom data sources add skill (Climavision proprietary models and observations)
  • Applicable to a variety of forecast problems
  • Acts as core forecast engine for decision support systems

PRODUCT Benefits

  • Precise, location-specific weather data to support risk evaluation for insurance policy or trading decisions.
  • Historical weather data integration for more accurate risk assessment at specific locations.
  • Optimized forecasting for immediate response to weather events affecting assets.
  • Hourly power production forecasts for any energy asset on the planet.
  • Real-time weather data integration for immediate operational adjustments.
  • Enhanced forecast precision for better load forecasting in power grids
A blueprint

Horizon AI POINT Product Specifications

  • Domain: Global
  • Resolution: Point
  • Range: 0-15 Days
  • Frequency: Hourly
  • Base Model: Ensemble with over 100 individual models
  • Delivery: Interactive visual map (via DASH) and (GRIB2)
  • Outputs: 40+ parameters


Organizations can now rely on a highly accurate forecast system that removes burden of analyzing and comparing multiple models.

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What does a Superior Point Forecast Mean for you?

There’s no question better forecasting is needed – but are you using the best Point weather forecast for your needs? Make informed decisions with high resolution weather predictions and minimize risk. The Horizon AI Point model can benefit your organization through:

  • More confident, site-specific planning
  • Minimize disruptions and maximize productivity
  • Mitigate safety hazards for employees and customers
  • Stronger market position
  • Increased adaptability

You’ve Never Seen point forecasting like this

It’s easy to say we’re the best and it’s even easier to understand why. Climavision’s Horizon AI Point model and forecasting solution stands out from the rest:

  • Fully configurable
  • Generates custom forecasts over specific location and time intervals
  • Utilizes proprietary forecast models
  • Integrates multiple observational data networks
  • Leverages AI bias correction
  • Maintains daily improvements to our system outputs
  • Produces easy-to-interpret visualizations
  • Enables more informed decision making
Wind turbines



Click below to read about a situation in Texas where searing heat and little wind combined to almost crash the ERCOT power grid. The event cost the state millions of dollars and could have been avoided entirely if energy traders and power grid operators had added Climavision’s Horizon AI Global model and/or Horizon AI Point model to their forecasting tools.

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Site-Specific Accuracy

With Climavision’s Horizon AI Point forecasts tailored to specific locations, organizations obtain highly accurate weather predictions that are directly relevant to their operations and activities. This level of precision allows for better decision-making and planning, as our clients can anticipate weather conditions at individual sites with greater confidence.

Reduced Uncertainty

Unlike ensemble systems that rely solely on government models, the proprietary data inputs and AI bias correction used in the Point model enhance forecast accuracy and reduce uncertainty. This minimizes the risk of relying on generalized forecasts that may not accurately reflect local weather conditions, leading to more reliable outcomes for organizations.




Our extensive weather data and revolutionary, AI-driven climate technologies identify real-time dangers and produce more accurate predictions and forecasting models.

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Radar Network

First of its kind, supplemental nationwide, high-resolution, dual polarity radar network

Advanced Modeling

Advanced global numeric weather prediction modelling with unprecedented computational capabilities

Observational Datasets

More unique and novel observational datasets assimilated via AI for faster, more accurate forecasts

Technical Expertise

Unparalleled technical expertise across infrastructure, machine learning, cloud and supercomputing

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