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Radar as a Service

Complete The Weather Picture

Our proprietary network of high-resolution radars creates seamless coverage for real-time information. With Radar as a Service (RaaS) from Climavision, see critical storm development detail as it unfolds.



Extreme weather events are happening more often than ever. The volatility of flood, tornadic, frozen precipitation and even wildfire events put people and businesses at risk. More accurate, timely forecasts and real-time weather data have never been more critical.

Lower-level atmospheric surveillance is critical to meteorologists and imperative for severe weather detection, forecasts, and warnings. While the U.S. NEXrad is the gold-standard of radar networks, because of the curvature of the earth and topographic obstacles, there are still gaps the network doesn’t cover completely, putting areas at risk for missed critical details during impactful weather.

We fill the critical observation gaps with our advanced weather radar systems – the first of its kind, comprehensive, proprietary radar network providing access to real-time, streaming radar data. Our network infrastructure delivers more complete coverage at critical low levels of the atmosphere. The best part? We offer access to this network as a simple subscription service – Radar as a Service.


Climavision Charlotte Radar


Seeing is Believing

Don’t take our word for it. Check out the real-life examples below that take Climavision’s Radar as a Service benefits from theory to reality.


NEXRAD (left) overshot precipitation from hurricane Ian whereas CV (right) captured low-level rainfall

Low Level Precipitation

High Impact

With Climavision’s Radar as a Service, organizations have low altitude views of precipitation often “overshot” by far away radars. The left image is a view of rain as Hurricane Ian departs North Carolina as seen by the NWS radar; the right is a view as seen by our radar. Because we are focusing on the lowest altitudes, we were able to see rain at the lowest levels for hours after NWS radars were indicating all clear.

This is important for flood management, transport (had this been an icing event). Not all impactful weather is “severe”.


Hook Echo DetectionS

Know when severe weather is developing

One of Climavision’s radars in Georgia was able to pick up a tornado minutes after the radar went live for the first time.

This type of high resolution, critical information will be available to you as you look to prepare your personnel and equipment for incoming storms, for monitoring the weather event as it progresses and determining where exactly to send response assets and crews to address any potential infrastructure or equipment damage.


high resolution hook echo detection by Climavision radar in Harlem, GA

NEXRAD (left) low resolution rain rate vs CV (right) high resolution rain rate

High Resolution Rain Rate

Clear Insight When You Need it Most

Climavision’s proprietary radar technology offers higher spatial and temporal resolution that allows our radars to deliver more accurate, more timely precipitation information at a more local scale than more distant NWS NEXRAD radars. Our low-level atmospheric scan strategy delivers improved accuracy of rain rates and a greater ability to discern between heavy hail, rain, sleet, ice, and snow. Users now have better data to make critical decisions during severe weather and flash flooding events.


The increasing frequency of catastrophic weather events calls for new solutions to mitigate risk, protect property, and save lives. Our proprietary radar network delivers faster, more accurate weather insight, leading to more confident decision making in critical situations.

  • Drones
  • Outdoor Entertainment
  • Transportation


  • Improved safety
  • Reduce weather delays – Improve passenger experience & satisfaction
  • Increase savings in fuel consumption
  • Protect company assets (i.e., aircraft, ramp equipment)

Shadow of airplane taking off over airport runway


  • Precise information on location and timing of storm activity
  • Rain rate information for low and mid altitude flights
  • Onset of winter weather events for rain-snow-ice transition
  • Hazard information for vertiport/heliport operations

Drone flying over city

Outdoor Entertainment

  • Make optimal day-of event decisions to avoid public and private health and safety issues
  • Gain confidence in the near-term forecasts to steer away from expensive false positives that can cancel or prevent events from taking place
  • Time the appropriateness and precision of weather-related delays
  • Be weather aware of the speed, direction and strength of thunderstorms, rain, wind, and tornadoes to plan and respond accordingly
  • Decide on delay or suspend orders due to wind, rain, hail, heavy snow

Football stadium with storm clouds overhead at dusk


  • Be aware and prepare with rapid refresh indicators of precipitation
  • Avoid rain of significant intensity and duration that submerges roads and floods low-lying underpasses
  • Maximize safety for drivers and operators with proactive insights into winter precipitation types
  • Instill situational weather cognizance with pinpoint resolution
  • Ensure on-time deliveries by rerouting as you plan for volume variability

partial view of large commercial truck driving in sleet

Helping Communities and Organizations is our Number 1 Priority


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