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There is no question that the frequency and severity of extreme weather events is on the rise. This reality challenges local, state, and federal governments to ensure they have every tool to prepare for climate volatility. Our real-time observations and advanced modeling and nowcasting capabilities empower federal agencies, military branches, and emergency management divisions with new insights at a fraction of the cost of owning a critical weather sensor.

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We can’t fully prepare for what we can’t see. When it comes to weather surveillance, observations are key. But sensors, especially radars, are costly to build and to maintain. Our radar network perfectly complements the existing network by providing additional visibility into weather that manifests in the lower levels of the atmosphere. This additional insight gives forecasters, modelers, and responders valuable lead time when severe weather is on the way.

Benefits of RaaS

  • Expands the network without the high cost of infrastructure, operation, and maintenance 
  • Builds resilience into nation’s severe weather observation infrastructure 
  • Provides focused, strategic radar observations in the lower atmosphere 
  • Improves radar coverage for rural populations, underserved communities, and vulnerable populations 
  • Delivers better rain measurements through improved flash flooding predictions 
  • Improves precipitation typing between rain, sleet, snow, and ice during winter weather 
  • Provides high-resolution data to help with detection and tracking of smaller tornadoes  
  • Assists with smoke and wildfire detection and tracking 
  • Improves observations of volcanic ash, detection of microbursts to help with aviation safety 

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Our extensive weather data and revolutionary, proprietary climate technologies identify real-time dangers and produce more accurate predictions and forecasting models.

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Radar Network

First of its kind, proprietary, high-resolution, low-atmosphere radar network

Advanced Modeling

Advanced numeric weather prediction modelling with unprecedented processing speeds

Satellite Network

High resolution, global observational datasets for advanced weather forecasting

Technical Expertise

Unparalleled technical expertise across infrastructure and weather forecast information

“The largest number of reported injuries in 2021 resulted from tornadoes, winter weather, and high winds (including thunderstorm winds).” 

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